North America 2.0 events

During the first half of November, I had the opportunity to host a coast-to-coast launch for the new book North America 2.0: Forging a Continental Future. I co-edited with book with Alan Bersin, and it was published in collaboration with the Canada and Mexico Institute at the Woodrow Wilson Center and the Belfer Center at Harvard University.

The book is available for free online. The first launch event was held at the Wilson Center in Washington, DC. It was recorded and is available below. We were fortunate to be joined by the Mexican Ambassador to the United States Esteban Moctezuma and the deputy chief of mission of the Canadian Embassy Sara Cohen. You can see their remarks below. The panels included several contributors to the volume, as well as our kind hosts: Christopher Sands of the Canada Institute and Andrew Rudman of the Mexico Institute at Wilson. I talked about North America’s place in a world of regions, and why global currents suggest all three countries should invest in opportunities closer to home.

The second launch event was in San Diego at the North American Forum, a group of policymakers, business leaders, academics, and more who gather annually to reflect on the state of regional integration. The gathering was hosted by the Institute of the Americas and the Global Policy and Strategy School of the University of California, San Diego. I presented the book to the group on Tuesday morning, and then gave a public talk in the afternoon.

I will add the video when it is available, but there is some information on the event available here. Former US Under Secretary of State Tom Shannon offered insightful comments, along with Dean Caroline Freund, Goldy Hyder of the Business Council of Canada, and Ambassador Juan José Gómez Camacho, formerly Mexico’s top diplomat at the United Nations.

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