Reviews of A Small State’s Guide

Two reviews of my book, A Small State’s Guide to Influence in World Politics, have recently been released. The two reviews were released by journals that have a credible claim to the the oldest international relations journals in the world! The book received a capsule review from Richard Feinberg in the Council on Foreign Relations’ general-audence journal Foreign Affairs. It also was reviewed by Jack Corbett in The Round Table, a journal published by the the international organization, The Commonwealth. The nicest bits below:

Richard Feinberg, Foreign Affairs: “Long persuasively presses his case that smaller states, with creative leadership, can often successfully defend their national interests in contests with bigger ones. He urges his scholarly colleagues to redefine international relations studies by stretching beyond the interactions of great powers to focus on the many smaller states that light up the geopolitical firmament.”

Jack Corbett, The Round Table: “[A]gainst the aims it sets for itself – to outline and demonstrate the significance of a relational approach to the study of small states that starts from the position of asymmetry and is global in coverage – A Small State’s Guide to Influence in World Politics succeeds remarkably. It should be warmly received and become a touchstone text for anybody interested in how the majority of the world’s states engage in international affairs.”

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