Op-ed in The Hill

I’m happy to see my first piece published in The Hill, co-written with Alan Bersin. The op-ed, “Global challenges, North American solutions,” seeks to animate discussion about why there’s a big, strategic reason for prioritizing cooperation in North America.

We write that, “[T[he next North American Leaders Summit presents a timely opportunity to begin. President Biden ought to arrive in Mexico City with a bold vision for invigorating trilateral cooperation where that is needed and feasible — and for  bolstering U.S. leadership in the world through its broader neighborhood.

“[T]here is no denying any longer the critical importance of Canada and Mexico — and the smaller countries of Central America and the Caribbean basin as well — for the United States’ own security and prosperity. Because our societies and economics are so interconnected, investments in these relationships can pay crucial, needed dividends at home.”

The op-ed draws on and supports our recent edited volume, out now with the Woodrow Wilson Center.

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