New job: Warwick University

university-of-warwick-new-007In September 2017, I will start a new position in the Department of Politics and International Studies at the University of Warwick. The post is a permanent assistant professorship in Rising World Powers. I will be teaching a graduate seminar on rising world powers and an advanced undergraduate course on Latin American politics, development, and international relations. My research focus will continue much as before, though I think I will have some great opportunities to collaborate with colleagues around questions of regionalism and the dynamics of shifting power balances. The department is usually referred to as PAIS, which I plan to continually mispronounce as país.

Warwick is a relatively young university, but it is consistently recognized as one of the UK’s best research institutions. The whole university is generally in the top 10 overall, and PAIS is one of the standout departments. It is currently rated fourth by The Guardian for places to study politics and IR in the UK. In the last national survey (REF), the department tied Oxford for best research environment and was ranked 4th in research intensity. It has very large and active doctoral and postdoctoral programs. I’m also excited about the possibilities for working with colleagues from across Warwick. In particular, the History department has long been a place for great research on Latin America as well as in transnational Atlantic history. The university is very international; in fact, the new chancellor is Rt. Hon. Catherine Ashton, recently the European Union’s high commissioner for foreign policy and previously EU trade minister.

Warwick is located near Coventry, which is north of London (50 minutes by train to Euston) and quite close to Birmingham.

Here is some general information about the department.

Here my hiring announcement from PAÍS.

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