Review in Foreign Affairs

long_laI woke up to a welcome email from my former Dean at American University, letting me know that Latin America Confronts the United States had received a capsule review in Foreign Affairs. It is, fittingly in my opinion, featured alongside Joseph Tulchin’s recent Latin America in International Politics: Challenging U.S. Hegemony. Richard Feinberg notes that, “Both authors demonstrate that in fact, when dealing with the United States, capable Latin American leaders have not only successfully defended their interests but also astutely intervened in U.S. domestic politics to alter the way that Washington defines and pursues its interests in the region.”

You can see the rest of the brief review by Richard Feinberg in Foreign Affairs.

I also had recent reviews from Oliver Stuenkel on Post-Western World and Greg Weeks on Two Weeks Notice. Thanks so much to all of them for taking the time to read and share their thoughts.

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