Soft Balancing in the Americas

Update: The new issue of International Security is now out, and the article is available through the journal. Our article, “Soft Balancing in the Americas,” is still free and ungated for a few weeks.


From the newest issue of International Security, here is my new article with Max Paul Friedman. It is temporarily online free and ungated, courtesy of the Belfer Center.

Soft Balancing in the Americas: Latin American Opposition to U.S. Intervention, 1898–1936

Abstract:The concept of soft balancing first emerged in analyses of other countries’ attempts to counter U.S. primacy through nonmilitary means after the end of the Cold War. Soft balancing is not a new phenomenon, however. In the early twentieth century, Latin American states sought to end the United States’ frequent interventions in the region by creating international norms against military intervention.

1943 ... good neighbor policy


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