Fall semester teaching

This fall I am excited to be teaching two courses. First, I will be teaching an upper-level seminar on “International and Foreign Policy Studies” at the Washington Internship Institute. We will examine the U.S. policy process, the U.S. role in the world, and the issues that face policymakers today. The semester-long National Security Council simulation will press students to examine and eventually craft policy regarding the U.S. response to the ongoing political crisis in Egypt.

Secondly, I will be teaching a course on global governance in the American University online M.A. program, along with Professor David Bosco. We will be covering the waterfront of international actors active in global governance and looking at a host of challenges that demand global cooperation. I’m excited to be teaching with David, who is truly one of the top scholars working on the UN, ICC, and ICJ.

I had a great time teaching this summer in American University’s Community of Scholars program. It was my third year teaching “Diplomacy and Dictators: U.S. Foreign Policy in an Uncertain World.” I was lucky to work with 24 very bright and hard-working students, as we grappled with how the United States has and should deal with the emergence of China as a possible competitor.

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