Book talks

Today (April 25), I will be presenting my recent edited book North America 2.0: Forging a Continental Future alongside my coeditor Alan Bersin at the Mexican Council for International Affairs (Comexi).

Update: a video of the presentation is available here.

We are very pleased to be joined by Shauna Hemingway, Deputy Head of Mission at the Canadian Embassy in Mexico City, as well as Comexi president and Sergio Alcocer, former Mexican Under Secretary of Foreign Relations for North America.

The presentation is being done in person at in Mexico City, although I will be joining online (sadly!). It starts at 10 a.m., CDMX/US Central; 5pm UK. Links for both online and in-person attendance are available via the tweet below. The book is available for a free download via the Woodrow Wilson Center.

I also had the opportunity to present my book, A Small State’s Guide to Influence in World Politics in a class at Georgetown University – Qatar (also virtually, although next time I hope to take up the invitation for a visit!). The students were absolutely great, and we had an engaged discussion of the challenges small states face in their foreign policies. Thanks so much to Prof Rory Miller and Dr Fahad Al-Marri for the invitation. I’ve been thrilled to see the continued interest in the book from across the world.

New America event recording: Small States in IR

Thanks to the teams at New America and Bridging the Gap for hosting a great discussion on small states in International Relations. The conversation featured discussion of my new book, A Small State’s Guide to Influence in World Politics, with scholars and practitioners. Thank you to Professor Jim Goldgeier of American University, Dr Emily Wilkinson of ODI, and Wazim Mowla of the Atlantic Council for joining.

The book is available in the Western Hemisphere in paperback via Oxford University Press and as an ebook on Kindle via Amazon worldwide. The hard copies in the UK and EU have been delayed due to issues at the printer, but they should be out soon!

Online book panel

New America, a Washington-based think tank, has organized a panel discussion on small states in international relations framed around my new book, A Small State’s Guide to Influence in World Politics.

The event is 1:30-2:30 Eastern Time, May 4, 2022. It includes some stellar speakers: moderator Professor Jim Goldgeier, Wazim Mowla of the Atlantic Council, and Dr Emily Wilkinson of London-based ODI. And I’ll be joining, too.

You can register for the event here.

Book discount: Small State’s Guide to Influence in World Politics

Oxford University Press is offering a special discount on my new book, A Small State’s Guide to Influence in World Politics. You can order direct here, through OUP, and add the discount code.

The book shows why small states matter to International Relations theory and practice, offers an account of when and how small states can gain influence, and includes a global range of cases regarding small states and international security, international political economy, and institutions, laws, and norms.

First book talk! Ashoka University

I’m very pleased to be giving my first book talk for A Small State’s Guide to Influence in World Politics at the Department of International Relations at Ashoka University, outside of Delhi, India. Thanks to Dr. Deep Pal and Dr. Quintijn Kat for the virtual invitation–though I would have enjoyed joining you in Delhi!

The talk is open to external attendees, though you need to email the address on the poster above to register. (Posting a link to a talk seems to inevitably attract zoom-bombers and other miscreants.)

I am happy to give book talks, online and in-person, now that the book is out in the US and as an ebook. The book will be out in print in the UK, Europe, and (hopefully) other countries (including India!) after May 5. If you are interested in having me discuss the book in a seminar, class, or other forum, just send me an email.