Tom Long

Interior of a Tepoznieves ice cream shop, Tepoztlan
In Tepoztlan, Mexico

Tom Long is a Reader (Sr. Associate Professor) in the Department of Politics and International Studies at the University of Warwick. From 2021-2025, Tom is principal investigator on the project “Latin America and the peripheral origins of nineteenth-century international order” (funded at £249,996 by the Arts and Humanities Research Council over four years), collaborating with Carsten-Andreas Schulz of University of Cambridge.

Tom’s first book, Latin America Confronts the United States: Asymmetry and Influence (Cambridge University Press, 2015) was named one of the best books of 2016 by Foreign Affairs. It is now out in paperback (Cambridge, Amazon). His second book, A Small State’s Guide to Influence in World Politics was published in 2022 in the Oxford University Press series, “Bridging the Gap” (Oxford). Tom’s research interests include U.S.-Latin American relations, Latin American foreign policy, small states, and the dynamics of asymmetrical international relations.

Tom has published research in many major journals, including IR- and politics-focused journals such as International Organization (forthcoming), World Politics, International Security, International Affairs, Perspectives on Politics, and International Studies Review. He has also published in regional and historical outlets including Latin American Research Review (2010 and 2020), Bulletin of Latin American ResearchDiplomatic History, and Foro Internacional, as well as having authored several book chapters and essays (full list here). His research in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Mexico, Panama, and the United States, has been supported by grants from the UK Arts and Humanities Research Council, Fulbright Program, Tinker Foundation, British Council, the British Academy and Leverhulme Trust, and the Truman Library Institute. He is the Chair of the Robert A. Pastor North American Research Initiative, based at American University, where he completed his PhD in International Relations in 2013.

At the University of Warwick, Tom teaches modules on rising powers, Latin American politics, and IR of the Americas. He is also an Affiliated Professor at the Centro de Investigación y Docencia Económicas (CIDE) in Mexico City. During 2018, he was Fulbright visiting professor at the Instituto de Ciencia Política of the Pontificia Universidad Católica of Chile; he was previously on the faculties of the University of Reading and American University. He has been on the faculties of the University of Reading, CIDE (Mexico City), and American University; he has also been a visiting researcher at Universidad de los Andes (Bogota) and Fundação Getúlio Vargas (Rio de Janeiro).

He has given invited lectures at Oxford University, University of Pennsylvania, Amherst College, the College of Europe (Bruges), University College London, Friedrich-Alexander University (Nuremberg), American University, FGV (Rio), UNAM, CIDE, Universidad de los Andes, and elsewhere, and frequently presents at conferences, including those of the International Studies Association and Latin American Studies Association.

 Google Scholar Profile | University of Warwick | Bridging the Gap | ResearchGate

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  1. Andrew Faru says:

    Hello brother Tom Long

    My name is Andrew Faru from Tanzania(East Africa). I am a Tanzania aged 30yrs old, holding a Bachelor Degree of B.A Education(History, Political Science and Public Administration) studied at the University of Dar es Salaam(2010-2013).

    For many times, I have been reading different readings and works from you Tom and being interested to learn more from them. May I take this opportunity to congratulate you on the achievements you have so far especially the Young Scholarship Award(Diplomatic Studies Section of the International Studies Association).

    I am very happy to write to you this message and looking forward to get more help and advices from you as I struggle to get a scholarship for M.A studies in International Relations.

    Lastly, would be very glad if you help me get a full copy of (2010: Pastor, R.A and Long T; The Cold War and its aftermath in the Americas: the search for synthetic interpretation of US Policy )

    Thanks very much in advance

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