Ukraine and Latin American diplomacy

With a few notable exceptions, most Latin American diplomats sharply condemned the Russian invasion of Ukraine. This might seem obvious given the outcry in the United States and Europe. But amidst Russian outreach (vaccines, military kit, propaganda, and some cash) and the fraying of ties with the United States, having only four Western Hemisphere countries abstain in the UN reflected substantial support for Ukraine’s position.

Why was this support so wide and, often, vociferous? In a new policy essay in Global Americans, Carsten-Andreas Schulz and I argue that the invasion contravened some of the region’s most fundamental diplomatic norms and practices–what we call republican internationalism.

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  1. Phyllis Casey says:

    Hi, Tom-Your book arrived today! Congratulations!
    I found the article on Ukraine & the Latin America diplomacy very interesting. As you say most LA countries can relate to what Ukraine is dealing with. I especially liked the line-“In response, LA continually fought for a seat at the table to make sure they would not end up on the menu.” I also found interesting the review about Toussaint Louverture and the Haiti slave uprising of 1791. Just a couple of days later on PBS Finding Your Roots Lena Waithe was told her ancestor was a slave in Haiti at the time of the slave uprising of 1791.

  2. tsl2m5 says:

    Thanks, Phyllis. You have seen the book before me, then! That’s very exciting. I really appreciate your comments and that you are taking the time to read my work!

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