UFOs and Argentina

Apparently, the most widely thing I will ever write was less than 140 characters on UFOs in Argentina in 1947.

I am currently hard at work in the Harry Truman Presidential Library in Independence, Missouri. While digging through diplomatic cables, I found a funny letter that a guy in Argentina sent to Harry Truman, giving his take on the new “fenemenum” of “flying plates” appearing in night skies around the world. So, I tweeted out a picture of the letter (below).

And now, through another funny coincidence, I have learned that by the end of the day, Argentina’s La Nación, one of the country’s biggest papers, wrote an article about the 70-year-old letter and tweet. Unfortunately, the signature isn’t legible, so the clever writer isn’t getting his dues.

From the records, Truman never answered, which of course leads one to wonder…what was he hiding? Perhaps some very aerodynamic china…

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