Presentation at St Antony’s, Oxford

I just finished a great discussion of Latin America Confronts at St. Antony’s College at Oxford University. It was a real honor to be invited to speak at this wonderful university, founded in 1096. St. Antony’s is one of the younger colleges, and it is known for its international focus in history and politics. St. Antony’s is home to the North American Studies Programme, whose director Hal Jones was gracious enough to invite me. I spoke in the NASP seminar series. The college is also home to an active Latin America Centre, so speaking there gave me the opportunity to meet a number of excellent scholars and students working on the region.

Thanks for all the great questions and comments. Sorry to have prattled on a bit long, leaving less time for them than I should have!

Photo by Marta Sainz

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  1. Rob Moser says:

    Congratulations Tom. Keep up the great work.

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