Latin America Confronts the United States: Out in paperback!


long_laMy book Latin America Confronts the United States has just been released in paperback from Cambridge University Press. And it’s on sale on Amazon! Just $26 in the US, £20 in the UK, and even less for the e-book! That’s about the same as buying five pints, with a similar soporific effect!

So, whether you are a little late for Father’s Day or getting an early start on your Halloween shopping (one for each costumed child!), this is a perfect gift! It’s perfect for you, too! Take it to the beach! Take it to your secret mountain lair! Leave it on the coffee table to impress and/or confound visitors! The book for all occasions! The present for the person who has everything (except this book)! Why not? You know you have spent $26 / £20 in worse ways!

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